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What is Tonquish Creek, and Where is it?

Tonquish Creek is a tributary of the Rouge River in Wayne County, Michigan. It begins at the confluence of what is known as the Johnson Drain and Tonquish Creek, north of Plymouth, north of Five Mile Road, and then runs in a southerly direction, then when it gets just west of Plymouth, it changes course almost due east. I believe it was in the late 1930s when they installed some form of culvert so that the creek would run under the town. It appeared again just east of town and then began to go south again. My best friend in high school, Larry, lived on a farm on Lilley Road, south of Joy Road and on the corner of Warren Road. Tonquish Creek ran alongside a portion of their farm on the west side of Lilley Road, and then after going under Lilley Road, it ran alongside the northern side of their farm on the east side of Lilley Road. Larry and I used to play in Tonquish Creek next to where it ran under the road. They also had a diesel pump set up next to the creek from which they would irrigate their crops. I helped Larry lay out some of the pipes once. When I first saw the pipes, I believe they were about 6 ” in diameter, and quite long, I thought there was no way I would be able to pick one up, but Larry easily did and carried it on his shoulder. “They’re made out of aluminum. They’re not very heavy.”

Many years later, after the advent of Facebook, I discovered a number of Plymouth friends who had Tonquish Creek in common.

2 Responses to About Myself

  1. Ania Crawford says:

    Great Bio. Design and functionality are great. Now, all you need to do is to promote it on Facebook.

    • mjoslin says:

      Hello, Ania. I still have much to learn about having a website. This is a good example as I just now, 6/13/2022, found your comment. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I wish there was someone near me who could sit with me and teach me how to do all of this, and make it profitable. For some inexplicable reason, I often will read instructions, but fail to understand them. I mean, just this morning I decided to look up what BLOG means. It sounds like a good idea if only I can understand how to create one and use it. I know that WordPress provides it for free. You suggest I should promote my website on Facebook. I am not entirely sure how to do that.

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