Wood Art

Customer Requested Custom Made Items

American Hero Box – Customer ordered this custom box to send to first responders who were injured in the line of duty, so that they may place within it get well cards they received from people who card about them and appreciated their sacrifices.

Rebecca’s Recipe Box

Torah Box – Cedar Lined

Customer’s Torah

Ukelin Carrying Case

Book Box (Did this one for me)

Bark Wood Plaque

Note: I am willing to make custom special request items if it is something I am capable of doing. From time to time, I have had customers request, in the case of box items, either a person’s name or monogram, or such things as bible verses, favorite poems, or some sort of expression that tells the recipient how they feel about him or her. If what is requested will fit, I am more than willing to do it.

Also, all of the above items take time for me to make. If a customer is in a hurry, I usually turn them down. I absolutely refuse to sacrifice quality over time. When I receive an order I do my best to give the customer constant updates as their order progresses.

All of these items are also available on Etsy.com at the following link:


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